Pages listed by feed and supplement category and then in A-Z ORDER

Advertorial listing page for clients who have a minimum annual spend of £1500 ex VAT or more in either Trainer magazine European Edition or Thoroughbred Owner Breeder OR a minimum purchase of four pages in The Feed & Nutrition Guide. £395 + VAT per page (by pre-pay deadline). £425 ex VAT after pre-pay deadline (see bottom of page)

The price of page creation is included in the cost of a listing page.

A limited number of regular advertising pages are available on a first served basis at the following rates:

Single page at £695 ex VAT (materials supplied basis)

Double page spread + £300 (ex VAT) for second page (materials supplied basis)

All orders of £1,000 (ex VAT) or below are sold on a pre-pay basis.

Advertising Positions

Adverts can be run on the following pages

Outside Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

1st Right Hand Page

2nd Right Hand Page


The finished advert page size will measure 176mm wide by 250mm deep


Pre-Pay deadline for listings - Monday, 20th May

Booking deadline for listings - Tuesday, 28th May

Booking deadline for adverts - Friday, 31st May

Material deadline for listings - Thursday, 30th May

Material deadline for adverts - Wednesday, 5th June

All listings to be signed off - Wednesday, 5th June