Trainer Magazine has become the best magazine in the country. Strong articles and great information. The staff have really created a winner here! Great job!”
— Gary Contessa – Leading NY based trainer. Trains 68 horses and a broodmare owner

North American Trainer, established in 2006, is a quarterly magazine (published just four times a year) which includes features and articles of interest to better the training and development of the thoroughbred racehorse.

Each issue of North American Trainer includes profiles on leading racehorse trainers alongside articles on subject areas including:

  • Welfare
  • Training
  • Nutrition 
  • The business of racing
  • Veterinary research

It's A MUST READ for anyone serious about racehorse training

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Key facts about our readers:

  • On average each copy of the magazine is read by 4 individuals
  • Total readership of North American Trainer now exceeds 32,000
  • Each reader of North American Trainer who trains / manages horses is on average responsible for the day to day care of 20 thoroughbreds (Survey conducted Feb - May 2015)
  • Each reader who breeds horses owns, on average, 7 broodmares. (Survey conducted Feb - May 2015)
  • We estimate that our readership is responsible for the day to day care of over 80,000 horses
  • 87% of trainers who took part in our latest survey said that editorial published in the magazine had influenced their training decisions