July - September 2019, issue 66

Contents currently include:

  • Takashi Kodama - the Japanese trainer based on The Curragh who manages a ‘global’ string

  • An introduction to the functional aspects of conformation

  • Understanding post race collapse and cooling out

  • What’s in your feed? Looking at ingredients used in the past compared to today

  • Equine pain management - we explore the advances in treatments

  • What are the latest advances in diagnostic imaging

  • ‘Good Going’ - are ground descriptions accurate?

  • Technology at our fingertips - we examine the different products now available to aid the training schedule

  • Trainer welfare - what can be done to help trainers combat ‘trolling’ online


  • VETSET - Trainer of the Quarter

  • News from the EMHF

  • Gavin Hernon - starting out

  • Hindsight


Advert bookings - June 7th 2019

Artwork - June 10th 2019

Ezine published - June 12th 2019

Print publication - June 21st 2019