OCTOBER - DECEMber 2019, issue 67

Contents for this issue currently include:

  • Cover Profile - Cathrine Erichsen

  • Are we too soft on our horses? Conditioning hooves / tendons

  • EIPH - any real progress? Why are we still obsessed with Lasix and why it’s a poor solution and lacking evidence for medium to long term use

  • Business profile - the new owners of Down Royal Racecourse

  • Sales evaluation: musculoskeletal aspects

  • Pedigree v's Conformation

  • Nutrition - Total Dietary Balance. The conversation trainers should be having when meeting feed and supplement companies

  • Enzyme Supplementation

  • Roarers - Impact and outcomes of laryngeal surgery


Advert bookings - 6th September 2019

Artwork - 10th September 2019

Ezine published - 12th September 2019

Print publication - 23rd September 2019