Product Focus editorial available in European or North American Trainer

This format gives you the opportunity to gain an editorial presence online / in print for one product (per editorial) that you would like to promote. It works best when used to back up an advert placed within the print and digital versions of either magazine.

Editorial should be written to give readers information as how and why your product or service will work.


- Editorial about your product is accessed within the print and digital version of European Trainer or North American Trainer.



- Editorial about your product is accessed via a page we create for you on our Trainer Magazine website.

Your promoted on:

* our main editorial index

* through our social network pages such as Facebook / Twitter 


Without a print advert:

Online only Product Focus web pages can be purchased for £145 (ex VAT) / $225 per annum 


With a print advert :

Any advertiser taking a 1/4 page+ display advert at ratecard rates will receive a complimentary Product Focus editorial to appear in print / digital format and online

For more information or to book your space, please call us on +44 (0) 1380 816777 / 1 888 218 4430 or complete the form below

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