• The only magazine sent to every member of the Racehorse Owners Association and Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association every month

  • 92% of readers have been reading Thoroughbred Owner Breeder for at least one year

  • 85% read every issue

  • 86% of readers don’t regularly read the daily online PDF publications

  • An average of two readers per copy, so the total estimated readership is circa 20,000 per issue

  • 87% say the magazine keeps them in touch with what’s going on in the racing and breeding industry

  • 83% say the magazine helps them to pursue their passion and interests

  • 66% say Thoroughbred Owner Breeder is better than any other horse racing magazine

  • 81% say Thoroughbred Owner Breeder is really helpful to the racing and bloodstock industry


  • 56% of breeders have their mares based at their own stud

  • The mean average acreage for breeders’ own properties is 32 acres

  • 42% of breeders have their mares based at a boarding stud

  • 86% of breeders will use the services of a consignor