“We had amazing feedback from the article authored by Ed Golden. We heard from owners and our peers, family and friends, and complete strangers. It was beautifully written and we believe it was instrumental in opening doors with new owners. Thanks again.”

Val Brinkerhoff, profiled trainer

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Gary Contessa, 68 horses in training and 1 broodmare.

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Graham Motion, 150 horses in training and 2 broodmares.

"I have received so many positive comments since the article on me appeared in Trainer Magazine. The headline and photo could not have been better...from racing FAN to racing SECRETARY - it really happened! Thank you for telling the story, Ed wrote it so well."

Rick Hammerle - Racing Secretary, Santa Anita.

"Great personal interest stories, along with in-depth articles that pertain to our industry in particular, all done in a very classy and high-quality format. Also, the photography seems unique and upper scale! A pleasure to read. Keep up the great work!!!"

Keith Desormeaux, 40 horses in training and 3 broodmares. 

"It's the highest quality periodical in our industry. I look forward to Frances Karon's piece in every issue."

Al Stall Jr., 45 horses in training.

"I must say that Trainer Magazine is one of the few I actually take the time to pick up and read. The articles are informative and useful. The bios on other trainers are interesting and the whole look of the magazine is quite nice. Not your usual, glossy photo ads with no meat or substance. Thank you for a really good job putting this magazine together each time."

Ellen Jackson, 22 horses in training and 30 broodmares.

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Charles Simon, 22 horses in training and 3 broodmares.

"I look forward to reading the Trainer Magazine every month, as I am always interested in the insights of my counterparts. You never stop learning in this game and I am always interested in the various articles that are so well written."

Wesley Ward, 49 horses in training and 16 broodmares.