What will the guide look like?

The guide is a B5-sized booklet (176mm wide by 250mm deep) and is designed to be a comprehensive yet straightforward point of reference for busy trainers.

The layout is simple and elegant. The different categories are listed A-Z for ease of use, with one product per listing page. 

Please click here to view the sample page layouts. 

How many pages can I book?

There's no limit on the number of listings pages you can book. To give the reader as much choice of product as possible, as well as the most specific information, advertisers are limited to only one product per listing page. 

Subject to availability, there is a limited number of advertising positions (e.g. inside front cover, first right-hand page etc.) in each supplement.

Please click here for details. 

How much do the listing pages cost?

Each listing page is £395 + VAT (up to 20th May pre-pay deadline), if between one and three pages are booked. If booking three or more pages per guide, advertisers qualify for our discounted rate of £325 + VAT per page. From 21st-28th May, single pages are £425 ex VAT.

Advertisers who spend £1,500 + VAT or more with Anderson & Co Publishing in the same calendar year that the guide is published, qualify for the £325 + VAT per page rate, irrespective of the number of pages ordered. 

Both rates also include free insertion into the e-zine, page-turning edition of the guide which will be promoted on social media, further enhancing the value to advertisers. 

How long does the guide last?

Each guide edition is designed to last for a year, in print and online, and to be continually referred to over that period, so the supplement format is a really cost-effective way of promoting your products to your target audience!

Where will my listing page(s) appear in the guide?

Your page will appear in the category you have selected as the most appropriate for your product. Products are listed A-Z within each category by product name, and the categories are listed A-Z through the supplement. 

Do I need to produce the listing page? 

No. Once you have booked your desired number of pages, if more than one, upon our receipt of your signed booking confirmation, we will send you a template to complete for each page and return to us by a specified date. 

Our designer will then set your pages, according to the information you have provided on your template. 

Advertisers will only need to submitted finished adverts (in PDF format) for the guide in respect of advert bookings (e.g. inside front cover, first right-hand page etc.) by the specified deadline.