SPRING 2019 - ISSUE 51



  • Niall Collum - Canadian Trainer profile

  • How long does a horse switching hemispheres needs to be allowed to acclimate?

  • Understanding Wobblers (in association with the EVJ)

  • Ulcer medication: are the products to treat that different?

  • Business profile - David Duggan - driving Golden Gate Fields forwards

  • The importance of good nutrition and its bearing on mental health for our grooms and riders

  • Hiring freelance riders - practical legal advice and tax implications

  • #Soundbites - Are horses today less sound, and if so, has it affected your training in any way?

  • Are there advantages training from horseback as opposed to on the ground?

  • Functional Conformation - Outlining the concepts and how the mechanics for athleticism and soundness are changed by differences in construction

  • In depth look at the state of racing in Minnesota

  • David Duggan - driving Golden Gate Fields forwards

  • Grade 1 winning connection profiles - some of the best anecdotes from the last quarter

  • News from PA Breeders

  • The Alan Balch CTT Column

  • Equithrive Trainer of the Quarter


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