OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2018 - issue 63

Provisional Contents

  • EVJ: 'Wobblers' - Celia Marr covers a recent seminar at the National Horseracing Museum, sponsored by the Gerald Leigh Trust
  • Trainer Profile: Nicolas Clement
  • Hindsight - Alec Head
  • HBLB - How Equine Influenza viruses mutate
  • EMHF
  • Starting up - latest news from Gavin Hernon
  • Bits and bitting - what's legal, what's new, what's popular?
  • Is all-weather racing no longer the poor relation?
  • Clean Sport - and FEI prohibited list and what it means for racing
  • Nutrition: Understanding squamous versus glandular gastric ulceration
  • Staffing - TBC


If you have a subject that you feel we should be covering, now is the time to let us know!


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