APRIL - JUNE 2019, issue 65

Provisional contents include:

  • Harry Dunlop - Cover trainer profile.

  • Nutrition - All tied up? - A review of the risk factors and role of feeding practices in the management of the eternally frustrating issue of tying-up ahead of the season. Increased risk during early work whilst the body adapts to training. Keeping a balance between looking at avoiding it happening in 2 year olds coming into training and management of the repeat offender known from last season.

  • Medication delivery - investigating how medication might be administered through the skin as opposed to injection.

  • Is Fungi - the invisible health risk?

  • EIPH - and its impact based on the latest Australian research study.

  • Hind shoes and injury.

  • The new “state of the art” training centre in China

  • Finding Owners - How trainers go about finding owners - looking at generational differences as well as the influence / merits of social media.

  • Italian racing - the future.

  • Why do VAT rules differ so much across Europe?

  • Brexit update

  • How the Lycetts Team Champion awards have helped trainers and their staff

  • Trainer of the Quarter

  • News from the EMHF


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Ezine published - March 13th 2019

Print copies available - March 22nd 2019